4 Month Braces Update + Braces Tightening Pain Relief | Braces vlog in hindi | Manya Agrawal

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Namaste beautiful people ! I had been a little busy So it took me a while to upload this vlog because there was no space in my mobile but by the grace of god it’s finally live. In this vlog i’ve shared my experience after getting my braces Tightened and also how I get relief from braces Tightening Pain because it’s something that we have to go through every Month and this pain is not gonna go in less than a week and then again have to go through that same painful process next month so I finally found some braces Tightened pain relief solution and so many things that I shared in my vlogs. so keep watching and don’t forget to Like, Subscribe and Comment. See you soon 😘

00:00 – 01:44 Intro
01:44 – 03:34 Braces tightening Procedure
03:34 – 05:35 4 Month Braces Update
05:35 – 06:42 Why did I get my braces?
06:42 – 07:21 Should I eat or not before visiting my orthodontist?
07:21 – 07:50 Teeth Alignment
07:50 – 10:55 Braces tightening pain relief
10:55 – 11:47 Wrap up

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