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Braces Explained: TADs (Temporary Anchorage Devices), Mini Implants, Mini Screws, etc

In this video I will be reviewing the question of “what are TADs? and what are they used for?”

TADs (temporary anchorage devices) come in a number of different names, including mini implants, mini screws, micro implants, micro screws, etc. Although they have a number of different names they all serve the same purpose and that is to serve as an anchorage for tooth movement.

When we put a force between two teeth, we have an equal and opposite reaction. If you can imagine two people that weigh the same are on rolly chairs that pull a rope, they will both towards one another. The same is true with teeth. When you place a power chain between two teeth, they will move towards one another. This limits tooth movement only in the direction of where teeth are. TADs serve as anchors that are temporarily placed in your gums into your jaw bones. They are relatively painless and you can resume normal activity once the anesthetic fades! At the end of your treatment, you orthodontic can easily remove these TADs.

With the advent of TADs, orthodontists have been able to achieve a number of things that used to not be possible with braces alone. We can decrease the need for headgear, jaw surgery and extractions (although sometimes these things may be necessary). They are really great but like everything else, require your help in keeping them clean! Make sure to brush gently around the TADs with a soft bristle toothbrush when brushing your teeth to make sure no food and plaque accumulate and your TAD remains healthy!

Link to different types of overjet/overbite (referenced in video):

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