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This is one of the first technical hurdles, however once learned you can do two arch power chain and wire changes in a 20 minute appointment time

MUST USE FLAT PROFILE CLOSED POWERCHAIN – American Orthodontics or Rocky Mountain Orthodontics has this available

1. remove wire
2. close all doors
3. power chain starting at the distal most tooth work forward
4. you need an explorer and a curved mathieu to apply to the anterior brackets. guide the gingival part of the power chain under the single gingival wing in the anterior ***Be sure the gingival part of the power chain doesn’t end up in the bracket slot.
5 open doors
6. place wire
7 close doors
8 trim wire flush or place cinch

NOTE: This is done on 14 NiTi, 16×16 NiTi and 16×22 NiTi in Non-exo cases. For extraction cases close the extraction site when in 17x22SS. ALL SPACES MUSTBE CLOSED PRIOR TO PLACING THE 18x25NITI.


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