Top 5 Symptoms of Gum Disease! (With Braces/ Invisalign)

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This video is about how to spot the 5 gum disease symptoms of gum disease. Gum disease can affect anyone and those undergoing braces or Invisalign treatment are more susceptible to it, if they don’t maintain excellent oral hygiene.

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Gum disease is a worldwide common disease affecting millions to varying degrees.
It is easily treatable in its early stages.

It is the most common and potentially most serious diseases that humans suffer from. It can lead to your teeth falling out if not caught and treated early.

Do you have teeth or dental implants? Do your gums sometimes bleed when you brush them? This video is a must watch for you if you answered yes to either of the above questions.

When you have infected tissues around your teeth, the common result is gum disease.

Some studies have even linked severe gum disease (periodontal disease), with diabetes, heart disease and stroke.

Gum disease is usually painless and can often go undiscovered, due to this, and the fact that gum disease is a potentially serious condition, it is very important that you go to your dentist for regular checkups.

Gingivitis (early-stage gum disease) and periodontitis (later-stage gum disease) are treatable and can be cured. Excellent oral hygiene and brushing your teeth well forms a crucial part of this.

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