What Are Power Chain Braces

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Power chain braces are a type of orthodontic appliance that applies more pressure to the teeth than traditional rubber bands. This device can help speed up treatment time and close larger gaps between teeth. They can also be more discreet than headgear, so they are more comfortable for patients. The orthodontist can determine which type of power chain will be best for a particular patient.

Power chain braces can be applied to multiple teeth at once, and come in an array of colorful ligatures. These appliances are designed to close gaps between teeth that can occur during orthodontic treatment or in the mouth naturally. In addition, they can be used to close spaces between teeth, reposition teeth, and de-rotate teeth.

Power chain braces are an excellent option for patients who want to be more independent with their orthodontic treatment. Since power chains attach to the outside of the teeth, they do not interfere with eating or speaking, and do not require drilling or other dental treatments. Additionally, power chain braces can reduce the time that a patient spends in the orthodontist’s chair.

The most important aspect of caring for power chain braces is maintaining good oral hygiene. This is especially important because food particles can get stuck between the metal wires and brackets. That is why it’s important to brush your teeth often, at least twice a day. You should also avoid consuming certain types of foods that could damage your braces.

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