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Do you have a Braces Emergency: Specifically a poking wire and you don’t know what to do, here we show you how you can fix this issue!

Is it normal for braces wire to poke?
It is not uncommon for archwires and ligatures to sometimes poke into your lips and gums, but there are home solutions to help you when a trip to our office is not an immediate option. As always, you should seek out Dr. Hardy immediately if a wire has come loose and try to have it fixed.

What does it mean if your wire is poking you?
Manual Fix: Sometimes you’re eating and all of a sudden feel a wire poking you. Take a look in the mirror. It could just be that the wire is bowing out and isn’t completely off the bracket. Try using your finger to push the wire back into place.

What causes a poking wire?
Another common cause of poking wires is breaking or bending. Wires can be broken or bent by chewing on foods that are a little too hard, or using hands and fingers to manipulate the wires. No matter how your wire has gotten out of place, the solution is usually the same!

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