When Do You Get Power Chain Braces?

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Power chains are a great option for closing gaps between your teeth. These are natural rubber bands used for orthodontic purposes, and they are a great solution for overbites and gapped teeth. You will need to take extra care to keep them clean, though. Certain foods and beverages can stain them. Silver and smoked colored chains are less likely to stain than others. If you notice any staining, just take a new one when you visit your dentist. You will also need to make sure to brush your teeth and use mouthwash every day.

Power Chain Braces

Power chains are a natural rubber band

Power chains are similar to ligatures and are intended to be worn while having braces. They may cause a minor amount of pain and will fade away as your teeth adjust to wearing them. Power chains are also commonly used to close gaps in between teeth. They can close a gap in just a few weeks.

natural rubber bands

Power chains are made up of a series of interlinked loops that fit around each bracket. Some chains are long and have one continuous loop that connects every tooth, while others are shorter. Choosing the right one for your treatment will depend on the condition of your teeth and the type of braces you have.

They are used to close gaps between teeth

Power chains are used to close gaps between teeth and can be used on both adults and children. The length of the treatment varies depending on the size of the gap and other factors. The duration of the treatment may be as short as six weeks, or it may take longer. In some cases, power chains are used as the final treatment step for other orthodontic treatment options.

Power chains should be cleaned after every meal, as certain foods and beverages can stain them. Silver and smoked colored chains are least likely to stain. If you’re worried about the chains staining your teeth, you can always replace them. In addition, it’s important to brush your teeth well to remove any debris that may collect around the braces. You should also brush your teeth with a fluoride mouthwash.

They are a good solution for overbites

Power chain braces are an alternative to coil spring braces. These braces are shorter and can be made of various colors and materials.

Patients with dark skin can choose a color that matches their skin tone, while those with light skin can select a brighter color.

Unlike regular elastics, power chains do not hurt when they are in place. However, you should still brush and floss your teeth thoroughly to avoid damaging the power chains. Several types of foods, especially hard, sticky and chewy foods, can cause your power chains to break. This can cause cavities, which can extend treatment time and cost you more money.

They can be uncomfortable

While power chain braces are not more painful than regular elastics, they can be uncomfortable at first. It’s important to remember that your teeth will always be sore after an adjustment, but they won’t hurt any more than regular braces. Your orthodontist can prescribe over-the-counter medications and soft foods that will help you feel better during the process. They will also provide you with a variety of tips for comfort.

Patients should avoid eating hard foods or solid drinks for a few days while wearing power chains. This is because the metal will weaken over time, and solid bites may be uncomfortable. Patients may also have to use soft foods until their braces are adjusted to their new position.

They last a long time

Power chain braces are an excellent choice for many people who are looking for an orthodontic appliance that will last for a long time. These appliances work by using a series of elastics to pull teeth closer together, close gaps, and straightening teeth. The rubber chains are strong enough to stretch a surprising amount and can do a lot of work quickly.

Despite the long life of power chains, they do require some proper care. They should be kept clean and free from debris. A fluoride mouthwash can help prevent food from becoming trapped in the brace. These braces should be checked periodically by your dentist and must be carefully cleaned to avoid damage.

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