When Do You Get Power Chain Braces

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It is used to close gaps between teeth

Power chains work like elastic loops on braces, but instead of a continuous loop, they’re connected in a long, slender chain. The chain is either closed, meaning there’s no connecting elastic, or open, meaning the elastic loops stretch across the teeth. Closed chains close small gaps between individual teeth, while long chains close larger gaps.

Power chains need special care. They’re susceptible to stains from foods and beverages, so regular brushing is a must. However, even with the best care, power chains can break. If this happens, the power chains can’t put enough pressure on the teeth.

It replaces individual ligatures

Power chain braces are a more comfortable option than individual ligatures. They have individual loops attached to single brackets and can stretch across a few teeth or the entire upper arch. The chains are usually made of elastics and will try to return to their original shape when stretched. As a result, the chain helps to bring teeth closer together.

Patients should keep in mind that power chains can become weak and may need replacing. The extent of this weakening will depend on the material and the type of power chain used. The chain may become damaged due to excessive chewing and shifting of teeth. In addition, changing mouth temperature may cause the elastic material to degrade. If this happens, the orthodontist will likely need to replace the power chain. Other risks associated with power chain braces include discomfort when first applied. However, this will eventually subside as the teeth adjust to the pressure.

It can help keep teeth clean

If you have power chain braces, you need to pay extra attention to cleaning them. These braces can trap food particles. Using a fluoride mouthwash can help you remove food particles from them. You should also regularly visit a dentist to check your braces. Sometimes the power chains can break or get damaged, and you’ll need to get new ones.

Power chain braces come in a variety of colors. You can choose from bright colors, dark colors, and pastels. Colors should be coordinated with your skin tone, the season, and any upcoming events. Darker shades are more suitable for people with dark skin. If you have light skin, choose lighter colors.

It can stain

Power chain braces can stain if you eat or drink certain foods. Coffee and tea contain tannins and can discolour your teeth and braces. To avoid staining your braces, reduce your consumption of these foods. However, you don’t have to completely eliminate these drinks from your diet. You can still drink tea and coffee occasionally, but avoid drinking them daily.

Power chain braces are often made of metal and may stain from certain foods or drinks. Some colors are less susceptible to stains, however, such as silver or smoked colored chains. It is important to clean your power chains on a regular basis, to avoid the stains from becoming permanent. You should also brush and rinse your teeth after every meal to help keep the metal clean and free of plaque and food particles.

It can break

Power chain braces can break due to a variety of factors. These include hard, sticky, and high-sugar foods, which can get lodged in them. Power chains can also break due to improper oral hygiene. This can delay your orthodontic treatment. The good news is that a power chain break can be repaired easily in the office.

To avoid this problem, you should brush your teeth and floss them regularly. You should also use fluoride mouthwash to remove any food particles from your braces. In addition, you should visit your orthodontist on a regular basis to have your power chains inspected and replaced if necessary. Even if you follow all of these tips, power chains can break.

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