Why Do Damon Braces Need Power Chains?

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Power chains are attached to brackets to apply more force to the teeth. These chains are made of the same elastic material as ligatures and stretch between the brackets to help teeth move. However, they will eventually lose their elasticity and need to be replaced. In some cases, power chains can also be used to close gaps between teeth or to move the teeth into a new position.

Power chains are a linked row of elastics

A power chain is a row of linked elastics that is designed by an orthodontist to hold the Damon braces in place. This type of brace is much larger than the aligners used in traditional braces. Power chains come in several different styles, including closed/continuous, short, and long. Some people can get a long power chain, while others may require a shorter one. Power chains are available in different shades of white, silver, and clear. They cost about 35000 INR and can be worn for six weeks or more.

They are used to align teeth

Power chains are used to help your Damon braces align your teeth. Unlike traditional bike chains and necklace chains, power chains are made of a series of elastic ligatures that are connected to each other. These ligatures are stretched between the brackets to apply additional force to your teeth. Power chains help to align teeth and close gaps between teeth, while also reducing the length of your treatment.

They are less colorful than traditional braces

If you’re interested in having braces, but don’t want the colorful look, consider the Damon braces. This system uses light and gentle forces to move teeth. Traditional braces, on the other hand, use elastics to tie a wire into the bracket, which can cause friction and pressure. This slows down the treatment process. Another advantage of the Damon system is that it can treat most cases without headgear, tooth extractions, or uncomfortable palatal expanders.

They are less bulky

The Damon system works similarly to traditional metal braces, but with fewer parts. This means less friction and less pressure on your teeth. This system also means fewer trips to the dentist, so it’s easier on your wallet. Unlike traditional braces, you won’t have to pay for extra trips to the orthodontist’s office. The benefits of using Damon braces are worth considering, especially if you’re worried about the size and weight of traditional metal braces.

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