[BRACES EXPLAINED] Elastics / Rubber Bands

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Braces Explained: Elastics / Rubber Bands

In this video, I will be answer the question of “what are elastics / rubber bands?” and “what are they used for?” Elastics are like power chains but instead of aligning the teeth in an individual arch, they are used to coordinate your upper and lower teeth and improve your bite. Our goal as orthodontists is to not only make you have an incredible smile but have a comfortable bite, as well!

In this video, I also explain the difference between a class I, class II, and class III canine relationship and how your orthodontist may ask you to wear elastics to help correct these different bite relationships.

Two major points I stress is 1] wearing your elastics as much as possible and 2] wearing them properly. If you don’t wear your elastics 24/7, except when eating and brushing your teeth, you will never get used to them (meaning that it will ache whenever you do wear them), and also you won’t achieve the results you need! This often results in a much longer treatment time than necessary. It’s much like pushing a ball up the hill. If you only push it part of the way and let it go, it will roll back down the hill to where you started. If you wear them as prescribed, though, you will make your treatment go super fast and have an amazing result.

I understand that it may be difficult in the beginning to place your elastics but keep at it and I promise you it will become easier! Ask your orthodontist if they have these nifty tools to help you place these elastics if you’re having a hard time placing your elastics.

As always, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me via the comments below! Also, leave comments about what rubber band layout your orthodontist had you do and see if anybody else had to do the same!

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