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First of all, ligature braces significantly extend the duration of treatment and make it less predictable, because the ligature, fixing the arc, at the same time creates an additional obstacle and friction for its movement.

There are 2 types of ligatures – elastic and metal. Elastic gum stretches quickly enough, lose their fixing ability, and can also break before a planned visit to the doctor. Because of these features, the frequency of visits to the orthodontist and their duration is significantly increased. Metal ligatures do not tear and do not stretch, but are less comfortable in the mouth.

An additional complication in the treatment of ligature braces is to maintain hygiene. Additional small elements in the mouth are difficult to clean with a familiar brush and cause a buildup of plaque. Wearers of such bracket systems are recommended to undergo professional hygiene at least once every 4 months. The advantages of ligature systems are a lower price than self-ligating systems (if we are talking about classic vestibular systems), as well as the ability to diversify their appearance with multi-colored rubber bands.

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