Power Chain on Braces. How Painful Is It?! Orthodontist Explains All You Need To Know!

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Power chains! What, why, when how! All questions you may have about Power chain answered by orthodontist.

How is power chain attached to your brace?
Why is power chain put on your braces?
When is power chain put on your brace?
Is power chain painful?
How long do you need power chain for?

Power chain can come in different strengths and different colours.

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Power chains are made up of lots of little elastics joined together that your orthodontist stretches over your brace to close spaces or gaps between your teeth.

Once the gaps between your teeth have closed, the powerchain is also often used to hold the gaps closed.

Have you had power chain?

I would love to hear about your experiences with it!

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Different coloured elastic and good combinations you can choose for your brace:

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