What is the Difference Between Power Chain and Regular Braces?

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Power chains are used to apply additional pressure to the teeth during orthodontic treatment. They cost a bit more than regular braces and are usually replaced every time a patient visits the orthodontist. This type of brace is more common for people between the ages of eight and fourteen. However, some people may not be able to handle the extra pressure.

Power chains are used to apply additional pressure to teeth

Power chains are an orthodontic tool that can be used to close large gaps in the smile. They work similarly to elastics and archwires, but apply additional pressure to the teeth. They can stretch across two teeth or multiple teeth, depending on the size of the gap and the need for additional pressure.

Power chains are typically worn for three to six weeks after teeth alignment has been completed. When they break, the orthodontist will remove them and replace them with a new one. The new power chains can cause additional discomfort, so it is important to check with your orthodontist to find out how long they will be needed.

They are not a one-size-fits-all solution

While power chain braces can be effective in closing a gap, they are not a one-size-fit-all solution. Unlike other orthodontic appliances, power chains are custom-made and will be different in length and width for every patient. A dentist will select the power chain that best fits the patient. Power chains can be short or long, with the inner width of the loops adjustable. They can cause some minor pain.

Power chain braces are available in many different colors, including clear, black, and metal. For example, boys may prefer blue power chains, while girls may prefer pink power chains. There are colors available for just about every personality, but keep in mind that certain colors may stain easily and make teeth look ugly. If you are worried about staining, avoid yellow and brown power chains. Silver and smoke colors are a good choice.

They are replaced at every orthodontist visit

Power chain braces are typically replaced at every orthodontist visit. Unlike some orthodontic appliances, which should only be used on children, power chains can be worn by adults of all ages. They are usually removable, which means that you can change your color from time to time.

Power chains are available in a variety of colors, from white to silver to clear. Each chain is designed to meet a specific patient’s needs, and the spacing between the rings is determined by the orthodontist. In some cases, a patient will wear a chain for up to six months, while others will wear it for only a few weeks. In other cases, an orthodontist may want to keep a power chain on for a few more months in case a patient has a relapse.

They are more expensive

If you want to get your teeth straightened quickly and affordably, you may want to consider power chain braces. These braces are made of elastics that are attached to brackets and archwires. Since they can do more work in less time, you’ll be able to get them off sooner. You can even have different colored chains for different occasions!

Power chains can be adjusted on a regular basis, and you can have one changed every three to six weeks. The elastic chains, however, lose their strength and elastic properties over time. This means that you won’t be able to wear them for as long.

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