Where Can I Get Power Chain Braces?

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If you have a dental problem that requires braces, power chain braces may be the answer. These metal braces are available in various shades and lengths to suit a patient’s needs. They are suitable for patients of all ages and teeth alignment problems. Moreover, patients are not limited by price range.

All patients

Power chain braces are an excellent choice for patients who want to straighten their teeth. It uses a power chain to apply pressure to the teeth, preventing them from shifting. Patients who choose this type of orthodontic treatment need to be aware of certain precautions. For instance, they should brush their teeth after every meal to prevent food from getting trapped under the brace. If possible, they should also rinse their mouth with mouthwash after meals to help prevent plaque from forming around the braces.

All teeth alignment issues

Power chains are thin, elastic bands that can help correct a variety of dental problems, including malocclusions and tooth rotations. Like traditional braces, they work by stretching with the patient’s pulling force. They can retain up to 80 percent of their original strength for up to six weeks. Power chains can be used early or late in orthodontic treatment, depending on the severity of the problem.

All price ranges

Power chain braces are available in a variety of colors. Patients can choose from clear, silver, or smoke colored braces. They also have a choice of metal or jewel colored ligatures. Depending on their skin tone, they can select a shade that matches their complexion.

Colors available

There are a variety of colors available for power chain braces. Some are dark blue, while others are smokey. Power chains are adjustable and can be changed at each adjustment appointment. The typical period between changes is three to six weeks. Power chains can lose their elastic property and strength over time, making them less effective. They are not an option for patients who want to keep their braces for an extended period.

Getting power chains on braces

Power chains can be used to move teeth in a certain direction. These chains come in several different colors and designs. Some are clear, while others are metal. Depending on the color of your teeth, you may prefer one of the lighter shades or choose a more subtle color.

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